Repair quotes are your business; stop wasting time and introducing mistakes with software that doesn’t help you. Shop-Ware surfaces what you need, when you need it, to make service writing smart, smooth and profitable.

Service Writer in a box.

The job of a service writer is to document all the details of a job, on the repair order, and price those details so the shop can make money. Generally this is so time intensive (and prone to mistakes) that technicians cannot do it themselves; a dedicated staff member has to work the puzzle. Shop-Ware employs advanced search, data models, and user tools to remove this burden, doing the work that humans previously had to do, and doing it better. Even if you keep a dedicated writer, that person can redeploy their time to the stuff that software can’t do: making personal connections with your customers.

Service structure.

Shop-Ware renders each service on the repair order separately, with completely flexible and editable components. This allows you to communicate your service offerings however you like, with as little or as much detail as you see fit. Each and every service is then available to use on future repair orders, either canned up as a Canned Job, or simply copied as a Past Service.

Canned jobs.

Canned Jobs are your shop’s specific menu of services. When you have a canned job for a service you wish to perform, you know it’s going to be right. When you estimate, Shop-Ware presents canned jobs first and ranks them according to your shop’s usage (so-called “popularity”) for the particular Year, Make, Model, and Engine Size of the vehicle on the RO. Therefore it’s statistically likely that the service you’re looking for, for that specific car, will show up first. Add it to the RO with a single click.

Shop-Ware’s canned jobs also have learning built in: once created, the canned job will learn what other vehicles match it automatically, as you use it across different cars you service. Thus, Shop-Ware helps you build your shop’s intellectual property – your library of service descriptions and approach – without any extra work on your part, and makes it dead simple to leverage that intellectual property to estimate quickly and accurately.

“Web-based so we no longer need a server on site. Built in estimating, integration with quickbooks, dispatching and workflow management, full featured shop management software. Customers love being able to approve work online without phone tag.”

Travis Decker, CEO & Lead Tech at Atomic Auto

Past services.

Don’t have a canned job? No problem! Keyword search all past services by description, parts, even customer names, to grab any service previously written and get it on the RO. Shop-Ware filters results by vehicle Year, Make, Model, and Engine size, to find matches instantly. You can also relax those filters or proactively search for a different vehicle entirely. Once picked, the past service can be quickly edited, to fit the new application as needed. Once the repair order is closed, the new service becomes another past service, to be used again and continually expand your library.

MOTOR estimator and maintenance.

Don’t have a past service? No problem! Pull factory labor times, part numbers, fluid capacities, and list prices—for both repairs and maintenance—through the same interface, right when you need it. Powered by MOTOR Information Systems, get results to edit or use out of the box. Workflow is streamlined to build the service instantly, removing frustrations and umpteen clicks. Bonus: maintenance guide inspection points automatically populate into the service checklist for ready-made DVI.

Book time multiplier.

Boost book times by any multiplier, to automatically adjust billed hours coming back from MOTOR. Because services built from MOTOR naturally become your shop’s services, the adjusted times will persist in perpetuity in your service library, whether you grab them as past services or create a canned job. (You may also edit the time on any labor line on any individual service, to tweak different lines by different amounts as needed.)

Past recommendations.

Additional work proposed to the customer (as an upsell) Shop-Ware calls a “recommendation”. Recommendations made the first time, on a repair order, are called “Current Recommendations”. When the car comes in again, any recommendations that were not sold are presented again, as “Past Recommendations”.

Past recommendations are:

  • Unlimited in number
  • Batched across as many ROs are in the vehicle’s service history
  • Linked back to the original RO to quickly review its context
  • Presented on new ROs until they are sold or dismissed
  • Priced using current labor rate and parts costs
  • Reference the original price and alert you in case it’s gone up or down
  • Completely editable
  • Able to be converted to a Canned Job

Besides saving you time, you’ll never miss an opportunity to close needed repairs, keep a consistent message to your customers, and do so with the confidence that the updated estimate is accurate.


Good service writing shows value to the customer, but it also provides value to the business, in profit. Shop-Ware provides visibility into estimating financials on the RO as a whole, and for each individual service. No more excuses, no more blindness caused by a tire job or an unusual circumstance. Drill in to inspect your metrics, on services or recommendations. Adjust the labor rate on the fly to adjust your labor GP. Inspect parts and reference against target markup. Get management KPIs at your fingertips – GPs, Close Ratio, Sell Through, Opportunity – live on in progress work, to empower your staff and hit your goals.

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